Hello world!

Welcome to CSheila. Here I will capture what I find most interesting in my travels through cyber and physical space. Given I still need to sort my focus out, for a while this site will probably resemble my messy desk top – alas nowhere near as interesting as JK Rowling’s but hopefully more visually pleasant than my normal piles.

Mostly, as I begin to embark on my second half of a century, I seek to “see” the hidden beauty in everything. Time has taught me such things as beauty and love are often elusive and subjective. Fortunately beginning with my mom Sheila, and continuing with loved ones who have walked part of the path with me, I learned “elusive and subjective” doesn’t mean elitist and exclusive. Instead each burdens the traveler to open her eyes to all possibilities without precondition or ownership.

My current passion – and I always have one – is visual art. However, with the exception of my photography, I seek more to appreciate than to create. Thus I will mostly link to other sites or discuss museum exhibits I visited. Of course, like every other amateur, I will post many of my photos. But unlike the home movies plaguing us as  children you may simply turn away. (Though I welcome all helpful critiques.)

Finally, politics will find an occasional resting spot here. Hell it’s a presidential year and it’s me. However, none of it will concern my line of work or my employer. Thus we will likely talk national or international stuff. Further, after years of evolving political lines (thought), I can sum my philosophy as “mean people suck.” Thus, if and when I indulge, it will be likely be directed at bullies of all stripes.

Thanks for listening (reading). Let’s see if I can figure out how to post a movie.


Author: csheila

A story teller at heart, I seek to inspire, provoke, and entertain. Stop by to listen to an old woman's mutterings.

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