Behind the Blogroll

Alas, no juicy scandals or long-term breakups to reveal ala MTV. However, in assembling my magical fourteen – randomly hit number so sticking with it – I found a common theme. Most of the creators and/or contributors impose some type of order on the world as designers, pundits, or photographers. [Like the proverbial cheese, the shopping sites seemingly stand alone. But maybe not as explained below.]

As a person lacking patience and organizational skills, I have a love/hate relationship with my exact opposites. Spotless desktops, perfectly arranged collections, and tailored outfits gobsmack me with envy. Yet the same organizational principles applied to a photograph or argument fill me with pleasure. Currently trying to reconcile the two extremes by finding their commonalities.

This overwhelming desire for control probably has several sources. Family members and childhood friends will harken back to my long-held desire for world domination. (I was a seriously scary kid. Fortunately everyone else got bigger and faster or you would all be working for me. :)) More astute observers might rightfully suspect calming the world around me helps quiets my inner chaos. (However a world without some inner chaos seems highly overrated.) Or perhaps I vainly search for patterns like the blind person feeling up the elephant. (Go ahead and insert weight joke here. )

My photography passion probably exemplifies all these contradictions. Lacking skills I flounder around with unfocused shots (think missed opportunities) but tend to learn something each time. I seek to capture and hold something I find particularly dear or beautiful (however much I know such things cannot be held forever). Only now do I realize need to apply basic composition skills (both to impose order and to provide the best view). Perhaps by the time I hone my photography skills I will move onto another blog or none at all.

This post, likes its author, lacks answers. One of the most useful things I ever learned was most people are internal processors and then there are the rest of us (aka the external processors). We have to talk everything out aloud. Yes, I know the Mars/Venus arguments but don’t see them as overly applicable to a lesbian. Frankly even Sally Field at her most grating would likely strangle me for talking too much.

Let me conclude by extending some love to the current blog roll. Be sure to check out Robin Wong’s street photography site with its gorgeous take on Indonesia and life in general. He helped inspire to pick up my camera and even set up this blog. Steve Johnson’s Minimalist Photography Blog showcases some amazing photos of very ordinary things. Even more his photography tips reminded me it’s well within everyone’s abilities to capture pictures without high powered equipment (again like Robin).

Oh yes the shopping. My favorite sites reflect my loves of technology, design, and art. However, as Etsy shows I’m a sucker for vintage, handmade objects. I love when someone takes an ordinary object and beautifies it. Or someone “rescues” a clever object from years ago out of the landfill. None of these necessarily impose an order on the world. Rather they show a human being’s desire to rebel against the sameness of many lives by making the ordinary gorgeous.



Author: csheila

A story teller at heart, I seek to inspire, provoke, and entertain. Stop by to listen to an old woman's mutterings.

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