A Few of Her Favorite Things

A remote control for the Sky+ satellite TV ser...
A remote control for the Sky+ satellite TV service in the United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our guardian (slave) has been out of commission so we jumped on the blog tonight to post a quirky and weird selection. We had to grab her camera phone to do it. A little harder to work than the TV remote but thankfully we figured it out.

Oh, who are we? Tonight you can call us the bear chorus. We will introduce ourselves more fully in another posting. Truthfully we merit our own blog but we CSheila hasn’t finished negotiating with our agents. Hey, we saw what happened with Ted. It could be big time for us.

Here she tries to get artistic as she walks along the Embarcadero or sits by the water. We’ll take her word for it since fur and water don’t mix so well. Not to mention it would screw up our outfits. (One of our biggest demands in the negotiations is fresh clothes, except for Telly (he’s not giving up the hat and coat for anything.)







She loves grabbing stuff in the neighborhood including free stuff (shudder) she later “fixes up.” Sigh, given the amount of design shows we watch with her you think the stuff would look better. But deep down she’s a hippie. Anyway we still love her even if she can’t channel a gay man or a straight woman. See below for some quick hits (both found, given, or bought).








Other times she snaps the stuff you just get to see when you wander through SF. Mind you we also hit the streets but prefer clubbing.

Sometimes she just grabs nature shots from parks or neighborhood. Warning she tried the artsy thing again. We want to encourage her to get out so haven’t sat down to give her tips. It makes her happy when she goes out. More importantly it frees up the remote for us.

Finally she likes to hit museums and snap some pictures. You will see some stuff here from current DeYoung show by Gaultier. We still have not forgiven her after we found she look at some rent boy bear costing $175!!!! Of course she didn’t buy it. She wants similar action one of us will volunteer to put the ring through our nose. Most like Broom Hildie (the crazy – and proud of it — Viking Kitty).







Other shots are from SFMOMA. She keeps trying to capture building shots — this time through glass. Worse she foolishly indulges her hot chocolate fetish. Sigh; we let it go since she always had one with her mom.

Our favorite shots, however, remain the ones she just finds walking in the neighborhood like the benches and gardens.


Author: csheila

A story teller at heart, I seek to inspire, provoke, and entertain. Stop by to listen to an old woman's mutterings.

One thought on “A Few of Her Favorite Things”

  1. Cath-i love your blog–wonderful pics of San fran and all the stuff you collected. I am looking forward to more!


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