Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop a Drink


Dan Morain Exposes Poisoned Water – The Sacramento Bee

Well (Photo credit: echiner1)

Dan Morain of the Sacramento Bee reports on the plight of those living near tainted wells in Central California. Folks there cannot (or should not) drink the tap water, open their mouths while showering, or cook with the water. Why? Tests have proven almost all the wells carry one or more toxins.Thus many residents must drive to Fresno to buy jugs of clean water. Ironically most  are  Latino farmworkers who gather the crops helping to poison these wells.

English: mexican farmworkers
English: mexican farmworkers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Morain rightly criticizes government officials and wealthy environmentalists for failing to act. Governments pass the buck (but not the money) between local and state governments.  Large agribusiness fear litigation so ferociously lobby against the few legislative efforts. Out-of-Area Environmentalists focus on replenishing entertainment areas like the Bay and Delta, or funding Third World countries‘ efforts to purify their water. In the interim, grinding poverty prevents Central Valley residents from leaving.

Many residents rightly fear developing current and future diseases. One mother even reported one of her children developing mouth cysts.

Of course as Morain rightly admits none of this is “new.”  As such most readers will just skim the story as they search for an update on the latest celebrity hookup. This indifference always blows me away since we all live together. We really have no reason to believe diseases developing from long term exposure to dangerous toxins (including soil fumigant DBCP banned since the 1970s) won’t spread like past epidemics. Photo of polio patients in iron lungs during 1...

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