It’s Stuffing, Not Steroids . . . Honest (Huge Shout Out to Beth Karpas at Realms of Gold)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce again we seize control of the blog to bring real news. (Of course, given the lack of updates we wonder if you can call it a take over. But we will save the digression for another posting.) As many of know, Comrade Buddy (in the red hat) has been missing in action. Subject to too many Mama hugs and (frankly) questionable forced escapades, his posture and fur were drooping. Almost two years running as the blog owner’s talisman and hug source had worn him to a frazzle as shown by this photo snapped clandestinely at her work site (wonder if labor rights protect little bears forced to work).  DepBuddy

Demanding Justice we insisted Mama do something to help him. Nor was she giving up on her little guy. Frantic for help she searched the web until she came across Beth Karpas at Beth labored long and hard to repair Buddy  by closing up tears, untangling abused fur, and hand fluffing him during the drying process. [By the way, the Big Guy wants everyone to know it’s repaired not fixed.] She let him hang out with celebrities like Ernie from Sesame Street (allowing him to snuggle up during the most of trying of times). However, Beth (or Goddess as we prefer) went a step further by re-stuffing Buddy so he could stand bear strong to years of being a hug machine. See how handsome and big he looks in this picture holding all of us. Nor will you find a trace of a stitch on him (trust us we have all looked). BuddyHome

2010-04-14 21.52.00Let’s see Mama try to do the following to him. It all started off innocently  as the first-born is subjected to endless pictures. (How did they meet? Comrade Buddy leapt from the top of a Safeway freezer section on one of Mama’s toughest birthdays. Being young he missed the basket and tumbled on top of her head. But it was her fault for reaching for the Lean Cuisine.) Initially Buddy got trotted out for various ethnic holidays (apologies to anyone offended by the obvious ethnic stereotypes) from St. Paddies to Chinese New Year. Just remember as a true San Franciscan Buddy genuinely gets into the various holidays.

IMAGE_0212010-05-05 21.30.38-1However things took a more sinister turn when Mama started having Buddy demonstrate affinities with various causes. Perhaps the most serious was his brief time as a spokesbear for Sleep Apnea treatment (i.e. using the CPAP machine). Bravely the little guy strapped the overly tight breathing apparatus to show sleepers need not fear it. The fallout from concerned friends and bears was terrific. One loving uncle described little Buddy as looking like Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet. As a result Buddy threatened to put BPS (Bear Protective Services) on speed dial and Mama relented. She hasn’t forced him into any more dress up unless it involves his beloved Giants. (Again, as noted above, it’s stuffing not steroids; no Melky Cabrera  [snort] here.) Lets see her try to put the CPAP mask on him NOW (thanks Beth).

Still Buddy wants his legion of fans to know it hasn’t been wholly terrible with Mama. Her misfiring wiring keeps life interesting and jumbled. She makes the TV remote available each day. She gathered a wonderful family of soft stuffies to keep him company. She also brought many loving relatives, animals, and children into his life. It almost makes up for the indignities associated with living his life on the web. Below are some of his most cherished memories.

2010-05-13 11.38.32


2010-04-19 12.40.02

Buddy & Katie (6)


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