Beating the Great White Dope



My spirit plummets as I type the obligatory New Years post. Despite decades of economic and social progress – and in spite of millions more voting for Hillary – a narcissistic hate filled bastard becomes president on January 20, 2017. Even proof Russia interfered with the election didn’t deter this travesty. (Though I laugh; conservative family and friends have long accused me of being a traitor. Yet, most surrendered our country without firing a shot.)

Spending 36 years in and around politics, and even longer studying history, gives me nightmares. Despite “assurances” I can see the Muslim Registry Implemented, the deportations of Immigrant Student Dreamers, the Destruction of Medicare, and Rising Hate Incidents. Yes, many of us will resist but we won’t stop everything. Hatred feeds the mob, which thrives on emotion and fear.

Still, as Thomas Paine eloquently wrote, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” Or as we say in my family, “it’s put up or shut up time.”  This means signing up for the Muslim registry, possibly hiding the Dream Students (think the Underground Railroad), using Grassroots to Lobby Congress, and funding nonprofits big and small to replace lost government services. See up top for organizations where you can take action.


As a single, childless woman I have more freedom than most. I don’t have to worry about who will raise my kids if I get arrested. I am (currently) a citizen. I have access to social media so I can share better formed ideas for resisting (like Rev. William Barber and the Moral Mondays’ Fusion MovementNuts & Bolts A Renewed Commitment to Crowdsouring, and one from the heart (and the gut)).

But everyone can smile at the woman in a hijab, shut down racist conversations among  friends or coworkers, or resist this administration’s provocations to fear the “other.”

I leave with Bluto’s Speech to Fight


Author: csheila

A story teller at heart, I seek to inspire, provoke, and entertain. Stop by to listen to an old woman's mutterings.

4 thoughts on “Beating the Great White Dope”

  1. And what are you doing other than provoking fear of the other – the other in this case being normative, non-self-hating Americans, mostly of the salt of the earth, heartland of America variety?


    1. No more hiding behind safe stereotypes. Anyone who voted for Trump knew White Supremacists supported him. No excuses. Data now supports the very poorest voters backed Hillary. Essentially, you broke it, you own it. The rest of us will work on saving our democracy.


      1. Anyone who voted for Hillary knew that Black Nationalists / Separatists supported her, as did a lot of people who NEITHER you nor I would favor.


      2. No more false equivalencies. Hillary put forward a progressive agenda designed to educate, employ, and embolden Americans (regardless of birth origin). She also supported a strong military and diplomatic presence to deal with enemies abroad. Trump will scapegoat immigrants (as a starting point), destroy the environment, remove the safety nets, and rape the Treasury to give tax cuts to the rich. All while kissing Putin’s ass.

        If you are among the 1% then enjoy. Otherwise, take time to think about what’s in your self-interest. Regardless, I will cut off discussing this post with you (football is starting ;)) Feel free to visit anytime and comment on other posts. There will be many to follow.


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