Passion in Posies

Passion in Posies

Shot from SF Botanical Garden

Seeking a burst of color to kickstart this blog back in action.


Knowing me means knowing I’ll wander any side path. It entertains (hell nourishes) me but plays havoc with those depending on (or just following) me. Unlike a longtime ex, few figure out “she (I) always finds her way back.” Even then – like the ex – they get tired of waiting.

Looking back on now 50 years (mind-blowing still) I see art me sustained through my various walk-arounds. Different passions marked different periods: politics, work, love, or all of the above [meaning none got done very well]. But in every venue I sought art (either created or viewed) as a retreat. Now my photography fills my spirit.

So, expect various posts filled with silent portfolios. But if I took the time to capture and post the picture, it meant something to me. Hopefully u will feel a similar connection.

I took the following pictures on my 50th birthday as I wandered through the Conservatory of Flowers in SF Golden Gate Park. It turned out to be the happiest in years because I felt at peace and in charge. Hearing from distant friends and relatives only fed the quiet euphoria. Not how I planned my 50th in my youth but oh so much sweeter in the aftermath.

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Why the Rich Live in the Hills

Obviously it’s a rhetorical question since the hills generally offer the best views, freshest air, and (often) greatest safety.

Rather than launch into a screed regarding scarcity of resources, I’ll reveal another not-so-hidden secret to San Francisco. Our abundance of hills opens these benefits to the masses. All it takes is a willingness to climb or a SF MUNI pass. Moreover, you generally don’t have to go very far to find a sudden view. The ones to my left and right are only just outside my apartment door. Remember too, I can focus my camera to catch particular aspects of the picture. However, my eyes benefits from the whole shot.

Or I can take a few more steps up a short hill to find pictures of Sutro Tower. It’s an icon for locals and our communication venue. Someone once pointed out it looks like a clipper ship if you get underneath it (especially on a foggy night).

Still if you want the best views, it’s best to make the effort to climb some higher hills. When my health improves I’ll cast the proverbial wider net. In the meantime, I’ll cheat and stick to local venues like UCSF (one of the great teaching medical centers in the country if not the world).From my house, I can walk up the back entrance to both its buildings and gardens.

 UCSF’s  location on the semi-steep hills of Parnassus Ave provides stunning views of the   Golden Gate Park, the Bay, and various local neighborhoods. Most people tend to avoid it, however, because it’s a cold, foggy, wind-tunnel. Eh it’s why us Sunset Natives love it (after all conditioning makes us curdle at sight of sun or is it we are vampires :)) It’s part of why – sadly – many of its practitioners are fleeing out to Mission Bay‘s better weather. Of course it probably has something to do with earthquakes as well. 




Given my obsession with buildings, I appreciate what great views it provides of Golden Gate Heights and the Sunset. Though I can’t help but think of another native’s friendly gibe at me years ago. No matter how much some of us (e.g. me) may seek to flee the Church, we always tend to live within the sound of church bells. The pink imposing building in the lower picture is St. Anne’s Catholic Church and School (nope, not my alma mater). Nor does it skimp on views of the beautiful Craftsmen Houses in the area.


Random Fun in Japanese Tea Garden

Here is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, which I have visited since I was a small child. Even better my mom did the same since she was a teenager.

Sigh. I can’t upload movies. So here are some random shotsEdit