Passion in Posies

Passion in Posies

Shot from SF Botanical Garden

Seeking a burst of color to kickstart this blog back in action.


Knowing me means knowing I’ll wander any side path. It entertains (hell nourishes) me but plays havoc with those depending on (or just following) me. Unlike a longtime ex, few figure out “she (I) always finds her way back.” Even then – like the ex – they get tired of waiting.

Looking back on now 50 years (mind-blowing still) I see art me sustained through my various walk-arounds. Different passions marked different periods: politics, work, love, or all of the above [meaning none got done very well]. But in every venue I sought art (either created or viewed) as a retreat. Now my photography fills my spirit.

So, expect various posts filled with silent portfolios. But if I took the time to capture and post the picture, it meant something to me. Hopefully u will feel a similar connection.

I took the following pictures on my 50th birthday as I wandered through the Conservatory of Flowers in SF Golden Gate Park. It turned out to be the happiest in years because I felt at peace and in charge. Hearing from distant friends and relatives only fed the quiet euphoria. Not how I planned my 50th in my youth but oh so much sweeter in the aftermath.

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Supporting Actors Play a Role as Well






Like every great movie, play, or television show the lead players rely on character actors to provide depth and texture. Here in San Francisco its often the geography as shown by the houses on the hill visibile from the front of my apartment building. Other times its the great arrangement of trees or an older brick staircase.










Plus we have local artists and neighbors who contribute items for the street. Check out these great benches and gardening additions.



Tickey Tackey Boxes Need Not to Apply


One of the joys of living in the Inner Sunset is the variety of nearby houses. As a child I lived out near the beach – also in the Sunset –  where many of the Houses looked the same. Mind you with the embrace of mid-Century Modern those Outer Sunset Houses are now “Golden.” Unfortunately to me they will always represent the old neighborhood I fled due to it seeming conformity. As a kid I used to ride the N Judah through the Inner Sunset or the 71 through the Haight and dream of living there. Now I overpay for the privilege but willing accept it.

Ultimately, my favorite houses will remain the eclectic mix of Victorians and Edwardians dotting San Francisco. As these  random photos show their owners take tremendous pride in making each part of them look good (from the house paint to the landscaping to the political posters).

  Sometimes it’s just the entire house which lights up with color and style. I have no idea how much it costs to paint and maintain these houses. I just thank the owners.

Folks even take the effort to make sure the window treatments match the amazing trim work. I loved the entire house but decided to carve out the window due to clever use of shades.


Speaking of trim work check out these shots. Each honors the carpentry put into the house. Unfortunately it can get discombobulating always craning my neck to see them. I especially don’t recommend it during vertigo outbreaks. But nice (and yes, I’ll admit rare) sunny days demand the extra attention. 

 The other thing impossible to overlook is how much work folks put in to ensuring their trees become part of the house’s decoration. There is an uproar throughout the City – and rightfully so – over the local government’s demand homeowners pay for the tree upkeep. I suspect, however, many homeowners here have done it for years. Don’t get me wrong, we have some of the best gardeners working for City and County of San Francisco. (I don’t say it solely because many are mics are like me (1/2) but because it’s true.) Still they don’t have the time to put in all this extra work. Check it out.