Friends of Dorothy Finally Win a Round

I must commend The Log Cabin Club for finally obtaining recognition within the Republican Party. See Log Cabin Recognized 

Mind you I just sent generations of my working-class ancestors ancestors spinning in their graves. I’ll leave it to you to figure out whether Gay or Republican put them over the edge. Given brains run in my family – – as well as homosexuality – –I’ll pick the latter.

Cohn & McCarthy HUAC

The easy post would attack the “Grand Old Party’s” closeted history. I could conjure up the HUAC specters of Cohn and McCarthy rooting out hidden homosexuals while at least one lived an openly gay life. Or I could snipe at more recent Republicans performing tap dances in bathrooms while spending their careers smashing fellow queers. See Outrage Video

But quick and easy would deny the more storied history surrounding Lincoln’s Party. Abolitionists helped found the Party. Later it fought on behalf of freed blacks during and after the Civil War. See Radical Republicans Even as a child I remember the Rockefeller Republicans who fought for the ERA.

More importantly both paragraphs above deny the United States’ complicated political history. Southern Racist Democrats moved en masse to the Republican Party in the 1960s and visa versa. This pattern has repeated itself throughout US history with Parties whose name only means something to PhDs. IMHO it comes down to believers in government and haters of government. The twain shall only meet on April 15.

Gadsen Flag
You Did it Dorothy

No I write because the Log Cabin member fought and won acceptance on their home turf. This emotional acceptance helps not only any child seeking his or her proverbial home –“Auntie Alice, Auntie Alice” –but all parents, siblings, and others desperately wanting to extend the greeting. Besides given the homophobic horrors currently thriving within the California GOP it’s a meaningful victory despite being decades overdue.

More to the point, haters only really win when they can demonize [make distant] the other. Anytime and anywhere this breaks down humanity moves forward.

Of course my tree splitting friends, the niceness goes away tomorrow. Then you non-1%ers can explain why you keep hanging out with Koch and his friends. 

NYT: Where’s the Outrage?


December 10 march for voting rights
December 10 march for voting rights (Photo credit: Sunset Parkerpix) article on the spate of voter suppression laws passed in various states. A proactive solution might lie in getting photo ids out to people. Its something entertainment industry could spearhead. Obviously still fight like hell to overturn but use this as backup.


New Jim Crow Laws - Arizona - Jan Brewer - Mar...
New Jim Crow Laws – Arizona – Jan Brewer – Maricopa County – Joe Arpaio (Photo credit: Cuauhtemoc-Hidalgo Villa-Zapata)


NYT: Senate Democrats (To Call Tax Bluff?)


Tax the Rich.  End the War.  Live Love.
Tax the Rich. End the War. Live Love. (Photo credit: Lisa Norwood)


US Federal Income Tax Rate for Top Income Brac...
US Federal Income Tax Rate for Top Income Bracket 1929 – 2011 (Photo credit: Cory M. Grenier) Democrats plan to let all tax cuts expire and force Republicans to vote up or down on middle class tax cuts. Scary yet article details support coming from liberal think tanks.It reminds me of Clinton’s welfare reform and deficit cutting.


Seemingly outrageous yet beneficial in the long run. (Yes, I know folks can fight over competing data but at least most everyone had opportunity to move forward in Clinton years. More importantly people believed it.)




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